Roses and Wings Girls Mentoring Program
Margaret S Johnson, Executive Director

P. O. Box 25802 Richmond, VA 23260

Events and Fundraisers

2016 Graduation and Family and Friend Luncheon - June 25, 2016

At Your Feet by Coko

Worth by Anthony Brown and Group Therapy


2015 7th Annual Annual Graduation and Fashion Show 

Providence Baptist Church - Omega Psi Phi Upsilon Nu Chapter Worship Day
June 23, 2014
Basileus Kevin Jackson and Omega Man of the Year,
Social Action Chairman Eric Monroe
Immediate Past Basileus Franklin Dunn
Achievement Awards Co-Chairs Robert M. Lester & Theodore Darden

Join us

2014 Annual Graduation Program and Fashion Show -
2 PM Sunday July 13, 2104
Special Guest: Gospel Recording Artist Kevin L



Roses and Wings is a model program for girls 6 to 12 years old who are at-risk for gang association and gang activity in Richmond, Virginia. Roses and Wings is a model project whose strategy is to prevent and address gang involvement and gang-related violence in the city through intervention directly into the lives of 6 to 8 year old girls who are at-risk; or, already involved in gangs and exposed to dangerous behaviors such as fighting or displaying weapons, gang signals or colors. This will be accomplished by addressing the anti-social behavior on a one-on-one basis with activities that promote self-esteem, self-efficacy, and self-empowerment.

For some youth becoming a part of a Gang is an opportunity to belong to a group, become popular, hang out with friends, earn money, end boredom and gain excitement. Many may feel joining a Gang is a “rite of passage” and based on some family notion or tradition that this is how it should be, and they have no way out and must go through with it.

 Gang participation can lead to anti-social behavior, introduction to drugs and alcohol, early sexual activity, and harmful ofenses against to inocent people.

The Roses and Wings Project offers an alternative for girls 5 to 13 years old growing up in that environment, who are at risk, and really want to escape from Gang life and the risks of getting killed, being injured, getting involved with crimes, possibly going to jail, becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol, lessen chances of a good education and good grades.

Roses and Wings will bring about enrichment and hope for a future and prevent or leave behind thoughts and actions of Gang life and any other illegal, street activity these youth may experience as a means to be assured that each youth placed in this group will make a positive change.

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