Roses and Wings Girls Mentoring Program
Margaret S Johnson, Executive Director

P. O. Box 25802 Richmond, VA 23260


Why This Project Is Needed

Roses and Wings was brought about as a Mentoring Program to serve as an intervention and deterrent program for young girls at-risk for gang involvement. The assistance and services of a project like Roses and Wings will assuage the National dilemma of youth at-risk due to home life imbalances and failing communities which result in anti-social behavior leaving the youth at-risk for street activities such as crime, early sexual experimenting, drug use, prostitution, and gang membership.

There is mounting concern at the rising incidence in the population of youth becoming involved with Gangs. Roses and Wings realized that with this much and this severity of gang activity going on that there are tiny eyes watching and are very susceptible to following these footsteps. It may be big brother, uncle, sister, or even Mom and Dad who became entangled and sent a message to the youth that it is the right thing to do.

Sometimes a family member or friend may attempt to take corrective action to educate the youth but through fragmented intervention or possibly giving up, they may never reach the child to turn away from the lifestyle.

These learning objectives are companioned with The Phoenix Curriculum to promote positive analytical thinking skills and decision making:
- Problem solving and thought stopping (avoiding impulsive thinking).

- Problem recognition: using cues to warn yourself about trouble.

- Problem recognition activities

What could happen? (consequential thinking).

- What are your choices? (alternative solution thinking

- Risks and consequences (weighing pros and cons).

- How your decisions affect other people? (consequential thinking, sensitivity to other people's feelings).

- Your values, dreams and goals - as guides to ethical problem solving.

Program Goals and Objectives

The goal of ROSES AND WINGS is to prevent negative outcomes that can result from exposure to gang involvement by utilizing the book by the world renown authors Marjabelle Young and Ann Buchwald as the “store front” and The Pheonix Curriculum of learning that executes intervention strategies that guide the youth toward social competence, positive self-esteem, and an alternative to gang activities.

ROSES AND WINGS believes self-efficacy is the key to successful gang intervention and gang prevention. To develop self-efficacy, the youth will demonstrate competence in skills such as problem solving, problem avoidance, refusal and "escape" skills, coping effectively with their highest risk factors, asking for help from safe and supportive people, feelings management (self-monitoring and emotional intelligence), gang resistance, and impulse control. In essence, The Roses and Wings Project will provide innoculation against the highest and most common risk factors through the development of self-efficacy.

In achieving this goal each youth will be guaranteed:
an environment that nourishes and supports the youth’s life skills development.
- the opportunity to establish primary trusting relationships with a carefully limited number of adults
- a physically nurturing and safe experience.
- age appropriate developmental challenges that facilitate active youth-initiated self-realization.
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